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South Africa has high rates of gender-based violence which is often made worse by the secrecy and shame associated with it. Violence of this nature, in what is generally regarded as an intimate or private space, occurs in all communities.

Gender-based violence (GBV) is violence that includes physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse, threats, coercion, and economic or educational deprivation, whether this occurs in public or private life.

This website has been created by the ANC's Jeannette Schoon Branch to assist victims of gender-based violence by providing contact details of organisations that can provide emotional and legal advice and support. The Jeannette Schoon Branch is located in Ward 87 and services the suburbs of Parkview, Greenside, Melville, Auckland Park and Forest Town.


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Rape involves forcing someone to have sex when they are unwilling, using violence of threatening behaviour. You can be raped by a person you know or a stranger.

What to do if you have been raped?

If you have been raped, you may want to:

+ lay charges with the police
+ get medicines that would prevent you from getting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases
+ seek emotional support 

How to lay a charge with the police

Go to your closest police station to lay a charge.

You may want to have a medical examination to collect DNA evidence from your body, it is important that this occurs as soon after your assault as possible.

NOTE: You do not need to have had a medical examination to open a case immediately.

At the police station a rape kit will be compiled. This includes evidence from the crime scene.


Don’t change out of the clothes you were wearing during the attack – wear the underwear and even pants you had on when the incident occurred as these will need to be swabbed for semen.

Collect condoms (if any were used) from the crime scene and take them with you to the police station (in a paper bag – plastic bags cause degradation of biological material).

If you have already changed your clothes, take your pants/condoms from the crime scene with you to the police station (in a paper bag).

Compiling a rape kit can be difficult and time-consuming but it is necessary if you want to lay charges against the perpetrator.

Seeking medical assistance? 

Milpark Hospital also offers free rape kit examinations and anti-retroviral treatment for rape survivors through the emergency room. 

They also offer the Morning-After Pill in case of pregnancy.

Milpark Hospital
-  9 Guild Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg
-  011 480 5691

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If you have experienced any form of domestic abuse, it is possible to obtain a protection order from the nearest Magistrates Court. You can get an application form for a protection order from any police station.

A protection order makes it an offence for the person abusing you to come to your home or place of work. A person who defies a protection order will be arrested. You will need to apply for an interim protection order, which will specify when the final order will be considered. The nearest Magistrates Court is in Randburg. - 18 Shepherd Ave, Bryanbrink, Johannesburg - 011 998 5300

If you or your children have been subjected to abuse, you may be feeling depressed, scared or traumatised. Sometimes you may even have physical symptoms such as shaking and loss of appetite.

Seeing a counsellor can help you deal with your feelings and make decisions on how you want to go forward.


Lifeline is a non-profit organisation offering telephone & face-to-face counselling services for individuals, couples and families.

You can contact them over the phone, email or on their website to arrange to make an appointment for WhatsApp counselling or you can go to their offices in Norwood. 

While all services are free, donations are welcomed.

+  Crisis  011 728 1347
-  WhatsApp  065 989 9238
-  Office  011 728 1331
-  Email
-  Website Click Here

Family Life Centre (FAMSA)

The Family Life Centre has been providing professional support to individuals, families and communities since 1949.

Their goal has evolved from strengthening marriages to building and maintaining healthy, stable relationships for all through a range of counselling services which are offered at a reduced rate.

-  Office  011 788 4784
-  Website  Click Here

If you are experiencing domestic violence during the Covid19 lockdown, the services below are able to provide telephone and WhatsApp support.

NATIONAL HELPLINES GBV National Hotline: +27 80 042 8428 Childline: 080 055 5555 Lifeline WhatsApp Counselling service: 065 989 9238 RAPE CRISIS During lockdown, their 24-hour counselling helplines will be available, plus a WhatsApp line for text messages. WhatsApp Line: 083 222 5164 Afrikaans: 021 633 9229 isiXhosa: 021 361 9085 English: 021 447 9762