If you or your children have been subjected to abuse, you may be feeling depressed, scared or traumatised. Sometimes you may even have physical symptoms such as shaking and loss of appetite.

Seeing a counsellor can help you deal with your feelings and make decisions on how you want to go forward.


Lifeline is a non-profit organisation offering telephone & face-to-face counselling services for individuals, couples and families.

You can contact them over the phone, email or on their website to arrange to make an appointment for WhatsApp counselling or you can go to their offices in Norwood. 

While all services are free, donations are welcomed.

+  Crisis  011 728 1347
-  WhatsApp  065 989 9238
-  Office  011 728 1331
-  Email  lifeline@lifelinejhb.org.za
-  Website Click Here

Family Life Centre (FAMSA)

The Family Life Centre has been providing professional support to individuals, families and communities since 1949.

Their goal has evolved from strengthening marriages to building and maintaining healthy, stable relationships for all through a range of counselling services which are offered at a reduced rate.

-  Office  011 788 4784
-  Website  Click Here